What they don't tell you about buying a Havanese puppy...


So you want  to buy a purebred Havanese puppy? I'm here to assist you with information. Below are just some of the areas you should consider when choosing a kennel to purchase your puppy from:

  • breeding practices of the breeder

  • contracts - good and bad

  • pet vs show quality puppy

  • support from the kennel- when things go right and when things go wrong

  • cost of a puppy

  • cost of dealing with medical issues that arise

  • number of litters in the kennel  in a year - how does that impact your decision?

  • the razzle dazzle - big talk but it's really all about the show ribbons, awards and standings to promote the kennel




The Havanese Club of America lists, in alphabetical order, the following diseases as Hereditary and Genetic:

  • Cataracts

  • Cherry Eye

  • Chondrodysplasia

  • Deafness

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Legg Perthes (or Legg-Calve-Perthes)

  • Liver Shunt

  • Patellar Luxation (slipped kneecaps)

A web search on any of these issues will allow you to learn more about each one.


Other hereditary/genetic issues you should be aware of include SA and Seizures among the many you can find in the breed. Have you asked your breeder how he or she protects his or her lines against these diseases?

Learn about line breeding, inbreeding and outbreeding, OFA testing results used for selective breeding and Diversity Testing. Time spent now may save you thousands of dollars in the future.



What should you expect in a contract?

A good  contract is critical. Let me share with you an example of an extremely poor contract that

a.) does not protect you,

b) does not protect your dog in case of medical emergency, and

c) serves only to protect your breeder from you!

Learn about key language in a contract that will help you protect yourself and your animal.

When a breeder advertises that he/she will support your puppy for life, what does that really mean? Read Alice's Story to find out!



 I am a Havanese dog owner. I purchased three Havanese breeding/show puppies.

All of my girls were diagnosed with hereditary/genetic/other diseases, the first at 1 and

again at 1.5 years of age, the second at 9 months of age and the third at 1.5 yeas of age.


The first of our Havanese girls to be diganosed was MistyTrails Bella Gemma.



Bella was diagnosed at 1 year with autoimmune thyroid disorder. This is a genetic disorder that was passed to Bella through her pedigree. We spayed Bella at 18 months after a retest that confirmed her diagnosis. Spaying was required for Bella's own health and also so that she would not pass the disease on to her puppies.  Bella is a Havanese CKC CH and was working on her GCH at the time of spaying.


MistyTrails Will'n 2B Saranad'd, a top pick Havanese puppy, was diagnosed at 9 months,

with Legge Cathe Perthe.



 LCP is a disease believed to be inherited through a recessive gene (not yet specified) that comes from both the dam and the sire of the puppy. Sara underwent an operation for LCP after her first birthday. She was spay in November 2016 to ensure that she did not pass LCP on to her puppies.

Sara is a Havanese CKC CH and was also working on her GCH when she was diagnosed.

Sara became a Havanese LCP poster puppy in the US as her 5 generation pedigree was

 passed among top breeders to ensure that her lines could be bred away from.

MistyTrails Cayenne Pepper, also a top pick puppy, was diagnosed at 1 year and 5 months of age

with Anxiety Disorder in October, 2016.



Caiya was near completion of her Havanese CKC CH upon her retirement. Caiya was also spay in November 2016 to ensure that she did not pass on this disorder to her puppies. 

Please note that the Havanese Pedigree Charts of Bella, Sara and Caiya

on Havanese Gallery, in the first links above are correct as of Dec.1/2016..

The second links indicate how the links were tampered with in September 2016. 

My experiences with my Havanese dogs have led me to offer my services for free to potential Havanese puppy owners so that they can avoid many of the problems I have encountered.  Do contact me before you purchase your purebred Havanese puppy. I'd be happy to assist you by answering your questions and exploring options  that will help you find a healthy puppy from a supportive kennel.

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