This website will help first time Havanese puppy buyers negotiate the questions you need to ask a breeder to ensure that your puppy has:

a.) a healthy pedigree,

b.) a reasonable contract, and

b.) you have the support you need when things go wrong. 

In this website, I'll explore hereditary/genetic and other diseases of the Havanese, testing of the parents, good/bad contracts, questions to ask the breeder and considerations when showing or planning to breed your dog.




Hello. My name is Dr. Barbara Spilchuk. 


My primary focus in creating this website is to assist Havenese puppy buyers with navigating the difficult business of purchasing a purebred puppy. As you will learn, I have real experience with the purebred quicksand, having purchased two puppies with genetic/hereditary/other diseases, myself. My hope is to be able to walk you through the investigating, vetting and purchasing process so that you do not make the same mistakes I made when buying your own Havanese puppy, either as a pet, show or breeding animal.

A second, but also important, purpose to this website is to track affected Havanese dogs that have genetic/hereditary/other diseases. Stories about these dogs, sent to me by their owners and supported by medical documentation, will unpack the Pandora's Box of Disease in the Havanese. It is hoped that the information provided in this website will not only help potential puppy buyers locate a puppy from a good line but also assist breeders with making good breeding decisions that will protect the Havanese Breed for generations  to come.


A list of dogs, their diseases and their 5 generation pedigrees has been started, and will continue to grow as I receive stories and documents sent in by owners of affected animals. All dogs highlighted in stories sent in, regardless of the kennel from which the dog comes, will be included on this list as long as a vet report is included that clearly shows the diagnosis of the dog.


It is not my intent to malign a single kennel. Rather, my purpose is to continue to expand the information gathered from the stories to provide a data base that will assist in the preservation of the Havanese Breed. 

A third focus of this website is to publish stories about Special Projects that Havanese are involved in such as Havanese being utilized as Therapy Dogs for Special Needs children and/or in classrooms. Buyhavanese.com will also publish stories about Havanese who have overcome their special needs or have a wonderful rescue story. If you know of a special story about a Havanese dog, please do contact buyhavanese!

Connect to the buyhavanese.com Facebook page here and you will also be able to follow the journey I have travelled up to opening this website, and since.... 


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