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April 14, 2019

Floppy ears, wet noses, and puppy dog eyes come paw-in-paw with muddy paws, pee stains, and pet hair everywhere. Some days it feels like maintaining a clean home with dogs is an impossible task. However, by taking steps to prevent messes before they happen, you can avo...

November 16, 2018

Buyhavanese has posted this article by William Givens before. Here it comes again! 

Look at the stats for Toy Dogs recently posted in the Canadian Kennel Club's November 2018 edition of Kennel and Bench magazine.

Do you see the one Breed that has outstripped all the oth...

October 18, 2018

As we head towards Hallowe'en, Buyhavanese highlights some of our favourite Havanese Halloween Spooky photos in this article by Cindy Aldridge. Enjoy!!!

 Thank you to Karolina for this fabulous spooky photo!

If you’re a dog owner trying to keep a house clean, you’re not...

September 1, 2018

Help Your Pooch Be a Good Neighbor with These Dog Etiquette Tips

Do you and your dog get a friendly wave from your neighbors when you’re out for a stroll? Or, do you receive the cold shoulder, maybe even some stink eye?  Your dog can be the source of friction if he does...

New Breeding policies for the Canadian Kennel Club to be ratified September 2018

May 9, 2018

Tips for ensuring that your dog follows good Dog Etiquette.

May 8, 2018

This post explores the purpose for breeding purebred dogs.

May 7, 2018

An article about the Croatian Therapy Dogs Program in the Schools and in the Firehall

April 28, 2018

 Photo of Diego belonging to K. Leigh

There are so many things to think about when choosing the right Breeder of your new puppy.  Here are just a few:

1. Are there genetic diseases in any of the ancestral dogs in the pedigree of the litter you are looking at. 


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