A Havanese Puppy Buyer’s Questionnaire

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You can modify this Questionnaire to your specific needs, print it out, and then send it to the Breeder you are considering to make comments on or initial where appropriate.


Please be advised:

  • Some Breeders may cross you off the list of their potential puppy buyers as they may see questions on this list as too invasive.

  • You must decide how important it is to have the information suggested in this questionnaire.

  • You can use all or only some of the questions in this questionnaire at your discretion.

  • If you include 13, 14, 15 and 16, it would be very valuable to have your Breeder initial and date each of these bullets.

  • You can remove the buyhavanese.com header to make it more personalized.

  • You can also remove the italicized bullets under each question. These bullets give you information about specific purebred terminology included in that question.

Kennel Name:    _____________________________________________

Puppy Name (if known):    __________________________________

Dam's Name (if known):    __________________________________

Sire's Name (if known):      __________________________________


1. What Dog Clubs are you a member of - ie: CKC, Breed Club?

  • This is important information for you to know who to contact in the case of registration paperwork not being supplied by the Breeder. 


2. Do you show your dogs?

  • Have the parents of this puppy been shown? 

  • If a Breeder shows or has shown his or her dogs, particularly dogs in the pedigree of your potential puppy, you can be relatively certain that your puppy will meet the Havanese Breed Standard. 

3. How many Breeding Dogs do you own or co-own? 

  • Some breeders co-own many bitches and studs that live with another person. 

  • You must decide if you want your puppy to come from a select Hobby Breeder who breeds sparingly– 1-2 litters a year or from a larger Commercial Breeder who breeds between 10 - 20 litters per year, either alone or with partners.

4. Where are the Breeding Dogs kept?

  • Do you want the parents of your puppy to be indoor dogs or does it matter if they live in a kennel?


5. May I meet the Dam and the Sire?

  • As noted, some Breeders may not have both the Dam and Sire on site if they co-own one of the dogs and it lives elsewhere.


6. Do you breed with other kennels?

  • This is an important question if you are crossing Breeders off your list depending upon the Pedigrees of their dogs because Breeding Partner kennels will have integrated Pedigree lines with common dogs.

  •  If you don’t like the dogs from Kennel 1 and that Kennel breeds with Kennel 2, then you might as well pass on Kennel 2 too.

7. How many litters do you have each year that you either own or co-own with another person?

  • Some breeders also co-own the litters of puppies that are born from co-owned Bitches.

  • You must decide if you want your puppy to come from a select Hobby Breeder who breeds sparingly– 1-2 litters a year or from a larger Commercial Breeder who breeds between 10 - 20 litters per year either alone or with partners.


8. How many litters do you raise at a time in your own facility?

  • Raising puppies takes a lot of energy. How many litters/puppies do you want your Breeder to be focusing on at a time?


9. Are the puppies ‘home raised puppies’? Where are they raised?

  • Home raised means that the puppies live in the home with the Breeder’s family where they have constant safe interaction with people.


10. How do you socialize your puppies?

  • Knowing that puppies are continuously being socialized will help assure you that your puppy is not being raised in isolation and, therefore, more susceptible to anxiety issues like Separation Anxiety.


11. Do you ever sell unregistered puppies?

  • This is illegal. If a Breeder answers “Yes”, walk away.


12. Are both parents health tested? What tests? Where can I find the results?

       Are the tests done by practitioner (your vet) or by a Specialist?

  • The Breeder may refer you to the OFA registry (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) to check out their dam and sire’s results,

  • They may have the results posted on their website, or

  • They may be able to send the results to you.


13. Neither of the parents or a close relative of this puppy (Dam, Sire, Grand Dam, Grand Sire) has failed a critical health test like heart. ________(initial)___________(date)

14. Neither of the parents is a known carrier of a genetic/other disease.

_______ (initial)___________(date)

15. There are no known Ancestral Carriers in this puppy’s pedigree that I am aware of.


16. Neither of the parents have had a puppy with a Behavioral Issue like Anxiety Disorder.__________(initial)___________(date)

17. Have the parents had genetic testing? Can I see the results?

  • Genetic Testing will help you understand how inbred your puppy might be as well as, in some circumstances, eliminating parents from some genetic diseases as potential Carriers.

18. What is the Co-efficient of Inbreeding for this puppy?

  • Ideally you would like the COI or Co-efficient of inbreeding to be as close to/or below 10 as possible. The COI tells you how inbred your puppy is.


19. What guarantee do you give in the event that my puppy expresses a genetic disease?

  • Length of time your puppy is covered.

  • Any specific guarantee other than puppy replacement which is the basic from CKC


20. Can you provide me with references?

  • From another Breeder who is not one of your breeding partners?

  • From a Veterinarian?

  • From a puppy owner who has one of your dogs?


21. Will I get my puppy’s Veterinarian report showing first shots, etc.?

  • The Breeder should provide you with a booklet showing all of the first shots your puppy has had as well as the Veterinarian Health check signed and dated.

  • It is wise to take your puppy to your own Vet as soon as you take it home just to ensure that your Vet also has a record of the puppy’s 1st Health Check.


22. Will my puppy be tattooed?

  • There are two (2) approved forms of identification for the purpose of registration and recovery with the CKC; microchip transponder implant and tattoo.

23. Will my puppy be chipped?

  • You may wish to also have a chip inserted in your puppy even if he/she has been tattooed for security and tracking.


24. What is your return policy in the event that this puppy does not work out in our family?

  • This is critical. What if your puppy does not work out in your home? You need to know what the return policy is and whether you are able to recoup some, all or none of the money you have paid for it.

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