How Many HAVANESE Litters and Puppies is too much for one Kennel/Kennel Family:

The following is an update on the litters and puppies produced by Sara's breeder and her cohorts in Canada between 2011 and 2014. These numbers were sent in by a different breeder, double checked, so they are now the accurate numbers:

2011 24 litters 110 pups 2012 20 litters 91 pups 2013 17 litters 71 pups 2014 18 litters 82 pups.

That is 354 puppies in Canada over a 4 year period at low average of $2000 per puppy for a total of $708,000.00.

Dealing with AKC will, apparently, be much more complex but I will continue to pursue that information. We know that there is a large breeding surrogate in the US connected to this kennel that produces up to 6 plus litters per year or perhaps even more, and smaller surrogates with co-owned dogs around the US. This would, obviously, drive those numbers much higher.

Stay tuned for the 2015 numbers!

Thanks you for the hard work to the breeders with "eyesonthe situation" for all of your assistance. Maintaining this Website would not be possible without the continuous inflow of information you provide.

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