Keeping Puppy Deposits When a Buyer Wants to Cancel

I was asked recently if a Breeder has the right to keep a deposit when the Buyer feels uncomfortable during conversation with the Breeder and, as a result, chooses to cancel purchasing a puppy. The following is a very comprehensive response to this question found on a mastiff forum on the net. This gentleman presents a very reasonable and ethical position on this topic. While a breeder can choose to charge a deposit, it is certainly unethical to keep a cancelled puppy deposit.

Money, money, money people! Again, this topic is not about the welfare of the puppy but about money, money, money for the breeder! The story prompting this post will go on my blog on the website this week. Here is one mastiff breeder's thoughts on the topic:

"Deposits are charged and accepted to protect the breeder....period. I've never thought a deposit would indicate the buyer's ability to properly love or care for a puppy. I guess, on some level it represents a seriousness on the part of the buyer to commit to the purchase, but it could also just mean they are fully prepared to make a rash decision.

Deposits don't protect the puppy in any way. They also don't protect the buyer. If a buyer is dealing with a reputable breeder and the breeder agrees to sell them a puppy then the breeder's word should be enough. I don't understand why people have to be paid to keep their promises these days. It should be enough to just say you're going to do something and then do it. In my opinion.

If a breeder were to charge a deposit and then keep the deposit after promptly turning around and selling the puppy to the next person in line....that would be extremely wrong in my opinion. What would be the point in keeping a person's money if you've been able to sell the puppy for full price anyway?

So what if people want to "kick some tires"? I give people advice on litters all the time, even when I have puppies on the ground. If what I have isn't right for someone then I send them toward a breeder who has it."

Now THIS is a breeder you want to work with, people!!!

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