Puppy Lemon Laws and Breeders

Not All Breeders are the Same

Let's be clear - a Puppy Lemon Law is not just required for consumers who purchase storefront puppies and those from puppy mills. It is also needed for purebred dogs from breeders who do not stand behind their dogs. Below is a section from an article from a doberman site that illustrates this point succinctly:

"How sad when ones ego takes priority over the health and well being of the breed itself. To some, it is all about egos, ribbons, trophies and glory at any cost !!!

It is difficult to remove an outstanding looking and outwardly sound dog from a breeding program because it carries and passes genetic defects. For the breeder who constantly wins with this dog and is on ego overload, it is something they most often will not do.

What about the puppies that result from these genetically inferior animals and who suffer or die as a result? What about the puppy owners who suffer along with their puppy? Ask those owners if they care that the Sire or Dam won another ribbon while they were burying their little puppy.

This type of breeder (and I shudder to say the word where these kinds are concerned) MUST get their priorities straight and put their massive egos to sleep. If not, the Doberman will go the way of the DODO bird (as in extinct) and the only place you'll be able to see one is in an old text book!!

"What can we do about BAD BREEDERS?? We can refuse to buy from them and never breed to their dogs; that much is pretty obvious. If the dogs are known to be genetically inferior, do not bring them or their offspring into your bloodlines or your home. Never ever refer anyone to them. Inform the local vets of the breeder's shady breeding practices. Trust me, no vet wants to be associated with these type of people."


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