Updated Pedigrees of the Featured Havanese on http://www.buyhavanese.com from Havanese

CKC CH MistyTrails Bella Gemma - "Bella"


CKC CH MistyTrails Will'n2B Saranad'd - "Sara"



MistyTrails Cayenne Pepper - "Caiya"


MistyTrails Arizona Bella - "Alice"


Lots of excitement today. Someone cyberstole my three girls from Havanese Gallery then cyberstole two dogs from an unrelated kennel and posted them to 'my dogs'. When I posted this information on every Havanese Site I belong to and on buyhavanese FB, my girls were put back in the dogs I control area and the two dogs I do not own, I assume, were returned to their owner. I did contact the owner of the kennel they were stolen from to inform that breeder. The problem with this type of mischief is that whoever this person is who stole my girls and the dogs from another kennel, that person has the knowledge to cybersteal and/or destroy the pedigrees of any dog on Havanese Gallery. This will be of concern to all members.

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