Better Bred and Havanese Genetics at UC Davis

As promised, there are alternatives to Havanese Gallery. If you are a serious breeder and you have the ability to cross-breed with other good kennels, here is an excellent article you will be interested in. Even if you are just an owner, registering your dogs with Havanese Genetics, being able to participate in the ongoing academic discussions about improving the Havanese Breed, and running your dogs through Better Bred is an experience you will enjoy!

"THE Genetic Diversity Test developed by Dr. Niels Pedersen and his team at the University of Califomia- Davis Veterinary School opened a door for breeders. Instead of relying on pedigrees and calculating Coefficients of Inbreeding (COIs), breeders could compare the genes carried by prospective mates. Mating genetically different dogs doesn’t eliminate the risk of producing genetic defects in the offspring, but Dr. Pedersen has demonstrated that it can reduce the risk."…

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