Puppy Health Guarantees - What do they mean?

This is a MUST READ for any potential puppy buyer!!!

" Many buyers are confused by health guarantees (which are supplied on the puppies being sold) and health clearances (which are tests done on the parents and ancestors of the puppy)."

"Health clearances are documented proof supplied by breeders that the parents and ancestors do not carry genetic or hereditary diseases or disorders which can be passed on to the pups. ALL dogs, especially purebred dogs, carry these genetic disorders. If a breeder tells you their dogs are healthy and have no genetic problems, this is a BIG RED FLAG!! Make them back that up with documentation."

"FULL OR PARTIAL REFUND: This is almost never offered, but some responsible breeders may amend their contract, if you ask. This means if your pup develops a congenital disorder covered by the contract, the breeder may refund you all or part of the purchase price of the pup."


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