Licensing Kennels - International Changes

Licensing kennels (and catteries) provincially appears to be an international issue as noted in the following website:


In the website, it is recommended that:

- Anyone who has 2 or more litters (down from the current legislation of 5 litters) must be registered in the UK. This applies to KC registered kennels, and all backyard breeders or hobby breeders.

- Dams will only be able to be bred 6 times in their lifetime.

- As well, puppies coming into the UK internationally will also have more stringent regulations.

Other International Regulations are even stronger such as those in Holland:

GENERAL DUTCH KENNEL CLUB RULES Translated by S. Hodzic from:…/basisreglement-welzijn-en…/

'Article VIII.2

It is not allowed to bred a bitch to her grandfather, her father, her brother, her son and her grandson.'

In case such breeding happens resulting pups will NOT be eligible for registration, meaning they will not get a pedigree.

Inbreeding Restrictions:

According to the regulations a bitch should not be covered by her grandfather, her father, her brother, her son and her grandson. This applies to all breeds. There are also additional inbreeding restrictive rules governed by many of the breed clubs. Think of a ban to cross a bitch with a half-brother, cousin or uncle. The breedings of this type between close family members lead to high inbreeding, which may increase the risk of genetic defects. This is very undesirable. The long-term ambition is to keep a sufficient number of less related animals within any breed population and therefore advice to breeders and breed clubs to reduce inbreeding.

DUTCH HAVANESE BREED CLUB EXTENDED RULES Translated by S. Hodzic from:…/Verenigings-Fokreglement-01-0…

THE DHBC has an extended set of rules in its effort to restrict inbreeding:

-The following combination is also not allowed: half-brother to half-sister mating. 'When making a combination it is not allowed to have double names within 3 generations visible on the future pup pedigree. It is advisable to have no double names even beyond these 3 generations. =To restrict overuse of studs: A male dog is allowed to sire a maximum of 5 litters a year within the Netherlands. A litter is being defined as one living puppy.

The times they are a-changing. All of these regulations are designed to help protect purebred dogs. It's time for Canada to fall in line!

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