The BuyHavanese Experts

Folks, there is a very big team behind buyhavanese.

Big thank you to Karen Brooks who is a retired breeder of a breed other than Havanese as well as an extraordinary groomer and handler. Karen offers an opinion that has no vested interest other than to ensure that the puppies that owners buy are healthy and that owners have ongoing support when things go wrong.

Many Canadian Havanese Fanciers members are also involved. including Paula Martel and Debra Boudreaux (occasionally), as well as past executive member, Nancy Dodge Hennessy (regularly). These people are always there to offer support.

Local Havanese Fancier members have also become involved behind the scenes; one is my 'eyesonthesituation' when Havanese Gallery is disrupted.

There are also Havanese Breeders not with Fanciers by choice, but who are considered to be excellent Breeders, keeping me focused when things go upside-down. One of these special Breeders continues to ask me the tough and ethical questions on behalf of good Breeders that push me to consider all sides of any situation.

Other Canadian and American Havanese breeders, not named here, assist in editing articles and offering advice. One is an AKC judge who owns a top Havanese kennel in the US, and her participation is invaluable.

As well, there are international breeders like Karolina Hitrec of Croatia who offer advice and bring new and unique programs to buyhavanese to share on the website like the Dogs in Schools Program in Croatia that you can read about on the website. (Of note, the Havanese in the photo below is one of Karolina's fur babies!)

Senija Hodzic, BA, owner of Bailemos Havanese and a member of the Havanese Club of Netherlands, is my key resource for LCP, Mendelian inheritance as it applies to LCP, line and double line breeding, autoimmune disorders and all things genetic. Senija was one of the two people who organized Havanese World to take part in the Genetic Diversity Study at UC Davis. Please contact Senija if you are interested and/or have questions about that study. Email: Senija is and has been my number one go to expert.

Dr. Esther Joosa is the external auditor for all publications on the buyhavanese website. Dr. Joosa of Singapore has worked/works for a variety of international universities. Esther is a Special Education Specialist as well as having as wide background in Elementary Education.

Educators like Carol Lefebvre, who is a teacher extraordinaire, have also bought into the concept of buyhavanese because when you purchase a puppy/dog that is diagnosed with an expressed genetic disease like Alice, the trauma of dealing with the puppy/dog goes far past the home. In the final publication of Alice's Story Told by Her Family, the children's grandmother talks about how the trauma of dealing with Alice has affected the youngest child, Jed, only 10 years old. Educators are concerned because they care about the children.

We are here and we are working for you every single day. Our team is not a closed network. It is an open group of people that encourages the best of the best to join us! And for you, the puppy buyer, you can count on us every single day

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