Update - Gofundme Alice's Life Fund

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support of Alice and her family. The likes, hearts and comments have been as important to the family as the actual money raised. They now know that there are other people out there who heard their story and who were supporting them through the initial phase of Alice's illness. The money raised will go to help support Alice's Sebaceous Adenitis.

Alice's LifeFund is now closed but her story is not. It is the key story I am sharing at the Governmental level in BC to make the case for a Puppy Lemon Law. This law will mandate that anyone who breeds/sells puppies, must support dog owners and their animals in the event of genetic/quality of life/life-threatening disease. The process has now moved to the Ministy of Public Safety and the Solicitor General's offices. I'll continue checking in with the family regularly and asking them to give you updates about Alice.

Any person reading this blog post should know that buyhavanese is open to listening/responding to/publicizing similar stories about puppies/dogs who are diagnosed with a genetic/other disease common to the Havanese where the Breeder refuses to offer financial assistance for medical intervention. Pet owners can contact buyhavanese through the website at http://www.buyhavanese.com to share your story and your pet's medical documentation. To that end, the next story is now in the research phase with the owner. We look forward to sharing it with you, possibly before Christmas.

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