Ruffles Some Breeders' Feathers

Folks, it appears that Buyhavanese may have ruffled the feathers of some breeders by some of the recent posts. May I just say, welcome to the crowd. You are certainly not alone.

Let me be clear - started because my experiences led me to the conclusion that some Breeders were breeding for money and fame rather than to improve and protect the Havanese breed. Since opening this Facebook page and the website, my conclusions have not abated. In fact, many Havanese and other breeders have stepped forward to share just how widely spread these concerns are. Further, other owners have started telling their own stories of concern. As long as these stories continue to be shared, this site will stay open.

Buyhavanese is not here to make friends, folks. Anyone can do that on a Facebook page where your friends tell you exactly what you want to hear. This Facebook page and the buyhavanese website is here to unmask poor breeding practices wherever they are found - practices that are contrary to what the current research offers as best practice for good breeding...practices not designed to protect the integrity of the Havanese breed.

This is an educational site for owners... and for breeders who choose to read the posts. Even if you do not like what you read, you are reading and, therefore, hopefully, you are learning.

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