Here Comes Lucy!!!

Lucy is our next Featured Dog on Buyhavanese. Lucy has a wide range of Autoimmune Allergies. Her mommy has written a fabulous story tracking the development of Lucy's disease, the diagnoses from her various vets, and the treatments and medications Lucy has undergone in her short 5 years.

This story has no conflict in it because Lucy's mommy decided not to pursue support for Lucy's diseases through her Breeder.

When I receive Lucy's vet files, she will be placed on the Affected Dogs page of the buyhavanese website and her pedigree will be submitted to Havanese Gallery. Also, after the supporting research and vet reports have been inserted into Lucy's Story, you will be able to read it on the Website.

In the meantime, the focus of the next articles on the Buyhavanese Facebook page will be about the Autoimmune System and Allergies so that you have some background before you read the publication.

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