Improving Breed Health - 20 reasons How Cognitive Bias Blocks Breeders From Improving Their Breeding

With gratitude for the share from Andrea Akaad posted on Havanese Genetics!

Folks, if you are a Havanese Breeder or a Havanese owner, you should join Havanese Genetics at UCDavis just for the 'reads'! Some amazingly smart breeders on that site! My world view of breeders and breeding changes everytime I open that site and read what those breeders have posted about what they are doing. This is where some of the best of the best, the breeders who accept that Cognitive Bias occurs and are, therefore, open and actively engaged in changing the world of breeding for the preservation of the Havanese Breed.

...And order your DNA kit...even if you are only an owner like me, we can all make a difference if we ensure that our Havanese fur-kids are participating in the ongoing study there.

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