BuyHavanese Continues to Ruffle Feathers as Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Let me just restate for the record, as we head towards the New Year, that the purpose of is threefold:

1. to provide information for potential puppy buyers as they search for the exact right breeder from whom to buy that perfect puppy, one who will support them and their puppy when things go right and when things go wrong.

2. to offer information to breeders of all breeds of dogs who may not be up-to-date on genetic research available that could help in their breeding practices.

3. to provide an outlet for puppy owners of Havanese with genetic diseases who want to share their experiences. Published stories are vetted by many breeders of quality, and medical documentation supporting the diagnosis is provided.

Puppy owners of dogs with genetic diseases will no longer be locked out of the breeding conversation. While it is not our purpose to ruffle breeder feathers, change never comes without cognitive dissonance. So if your feathers are ruffled, perhaps you might consider changing the way you do business?

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