A Different Christmas Story By: Wilson Havanese

Originally posted on Havanese Forum at 4:47 on Dec 28, 2016 Reprinted on buyhavanese by permission of the author Permission given: December 29 @m 1:14 PM via contact@buyhavanese.com

During his communication with me on December 29, Wilson shared the following about the story that he had written:

"I am greatly surprised this has brought so many people to tears. When I wrote the article, I will admit I cried (all) the time I was typing. I wanted to share with people that animals are not things. As Betty said, she experienced difficult times, and Sandy was right there with her."

What struck me and hundreds of other people who read this story on Havanese Forum was the honesty and humanity that Wilson captured within this short vignette.

Buyhavanese thanks Wilson for allowing us to share his story on this website with our reading audience. We hope that it will give you pause during this holiday season and every day of the year to think about the love and care given to the furry friends of the elderly, even as some owners struggle on a tight pension to meet their pets' basic needs.

When next I see an elderly person who is clearly not well off walking his or her dog, you can bet that I will take the time to learn about the dog and its owner in a more meaningful way.

I've taken the liberty of adding a photo to this story. This photo is not one of Betty and Sandy but it is representative of the meaning and content behind the story.


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