What is the Solution to Solving the Problem of Genetic Disorders in Dogs - Is There One?

Dr. Carol Beuchat indicates that the solution to solving the problem of the increasing incidents of Genetic Disorders in dogs is not doing more of the same. She suggest that it is Breeder Education.

The question you must ask yourself as a Breeder is, 'Are you doing your part?'

If you do the same old things, you will get the same old results...and the puppies you breed and their new owners will pay the short-term price. The long-term price will be felt by the entire Breed you have promised to protect.

"If you breed dogs, and if you consider yourself a responsible breeder, you will need to learn more about genetics. You will need to understand not just classical Mendelian genetics, but also population genetics and some basic molecular genetics. Appropriate courses should be available at any university, or you might find them at your local community college...

It won't be enough for you to learn all of this new stuff while your fellow breeders do nothing. You are all family through your shared gene pool, and improving the health of dogs will necessarily be a cooperative, community effort. A single hugely popular sire can devastate the gene pool of a breed in a generation, and breeders need to recognize that they will all share in the genetic tragedy that is likely to become apparent a few generations down the line."

Buyhavanese strongly suggests that New Owners also need to become more knowledgeable. One way is to do your research before buying a puppy. Do not rely upon flashy websites and quick talk. Read all that you can, talk to members of your National Breed Club or contact buyhavanese through our contact number to find out which Breeders are participating in cutting edge educational programs like UC Davis Havanese Genetics and BetterBred.

Make a New Years Resolution to support Breeders who are educating themselves in order to improve their breeding practices and you will be doing your part to help protect the Havanese Breed for generations to come.


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