Reputable or Ethical Breeder - Which One Should You Choose

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It sure does to me and I would venture to say that it also does to Alice's and Lucy's mom:

" '...nope, not in my lines ... '; '... never heard of that before ... '; '..It is a result of something that you did...'; '...It must be environmental, my lines are clean ... '; '... how dare you imply that this disease is in my breeding program ... '; ' ...your dog probably drank from a stream when you were not looking ...'."

"These are some of the excuses that you can and do hear from the proverbial 'reputable' breeders when they are confronted by an owner of a canine that they bred and sold and the dog begins to display some strange behavior (it has a problem)."

The article goes on to explore how some breeders justify, outside of ethical analysis, the problems exposed within their breeding programs by worried owners:

"The breeder is confronted by the owner who describes the 'strange behavior' and, of course, the breeder points the finger at the owner - it is not my problem, it is yours. The dog owner is caught in a dilemma since there is no way that they can prove that the problem is in the breeder’s lines. They have the evidence, but they have no proof. More power to those owners that try and do prove that the problem does indeed exist in the breeder’s lines. However, when the breeder knows full well that there is a problem in their lines and chooses to ignore it; when the ego and the dollar are given more weight than the welfare of the breed, when all they care about are the 'numbers' at the end of the year, then the breeder has ignored the professionalism that is implied with their status of being a 'reputable' breeder. These breeders cannot and will not say anything regarding any anomaly in their breeding program. By claiming that they know about any problem in their lines, they admit to the problem. The breeder lives with an implied code of silence. They have a standard of behavior that most people would describe as being unethical. So now do we want to deal with a reputable breeder or an ethical one?"

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