Why Be Ethical? Is it the Breeder or the Buyer's Responsibility? © Jann L. Bach 2008

“A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.” Author: Albert Schweitzer

This article speaks to the ethics of breeding AND buying and clarifies how each of the two partners are responsible for the preservation of a breed within the breeding business:

"Why it matters that you BE an ethical buyer.

An ethical buyer plays an integral part in weeding out unethical breeders. By insisting to only work with and purchase from ethical breeders, buyers help to eliminate puppy millers and other unscrupulous breeders.

Ethical buyers support ethical breeders and they help all dogs to be happier and healthier by eliminating the market for poorly bred dogs. So long as there is a market for cheaply bred, inexpensive, mass produced dogs, there will be unethical people willing to breed and buy them. While ethical breeders do not contribute to this market, they cannot stop it. Only ethical buyers can. The reality is that no ethical breeders’ group can force a breeder to be ethical. No one can dictate to another how he or she must breed or keep their dogs. But if buyers refuse to buy from unethical breeders, they will go out of business and a great many dogs and peoples' lives will be better for it.

So why be ethical, either as a breeder or as a buyer? The simple reason is primarily for the dogs themselves. Since we as human beings each play our part in bringing Tibetan Mastiff puppies into the world and we are ultimately responsible for caring for them throughout their lives, it falls on both the buyer and the breeder to act in ethical ways toward those dogs and toward each other. It is a collaborative effort by both and, if well-suited, will result in a lifetime of joy for all involved."

This article is so on the money, I have to wonder why I haven't published it on this blog before! It should have been the first post! Whether you are a breeder or a buyer, the author clarifies that you have an ethical responsibility to work together to protect your chosen breed.


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