"While there is always an element of Buyer Beware in the purchase of anything, including animals, the following website indicates that Breeders who misrepresent either the pedigrees or the health of their breeding stock may face criminal charges in the US. Regardless of where you live, however, fraud is fraud.

Wisch, R. (updated 2010). Brief Summary of Pet Sales. Retrieved on January 10/2017 @

One has to wonder if this includes the messing with pedigrees in an open data base so that lines are misrepresented. Another wonder is how the courts would understand the lack of disclosure about why a key stud has been pulled from a breeding program, leaving hundreds of puppy owners in the dark about a potential hereditary problem. Finally, what if a tracking within a kennel demonstrates an ongoing genetic issue occurring overtime?

The key issue this whole situation presents for any puppy buyer is that when a Matter is brought before the Courts, legal precedence is sought and where there are no laws protecting consumers in a specific country, lawyers will search out precedents in a country where there are laws to help make a definitive decision. Something to think about…

How Ethical Buyers Can Help

Ethical Buyers need to step up to the plate.

Those who are buying a new puppy need to do their due diligence and they need to walk away from Breeders who do not live up to the standard of an Ethical Breeder. By not choosing the ‘Reputable’ Breeder, but instead, choosing the ‘Ethical’ Breeder’, you are voting with your feet…and your pocketbook."

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