What's in the CKC Havanese Studbooks?

All of the dogs - sires, dams and offspring as well as litter data within the CKC Studbooks from 2011-2015 are being added into an independent database. As this input occurs, the Database Manager is tracking anomalies within the data from the various kennels - overbreeding of bitches, kennel popular sires, extremely high numbers of litters produced from a kennel and extremely high COI across the offspring, etc.

As information comes to light, charts will be provided to buyhavanese that will be shared on the buyhavanese.com blog. These charts will show the breeding practices of Canadian Havanese breeders in action. Those kennels that do not impact the diversity of the breed or who are not overusing their breeding animals, both dams and sires, will not show up within the charts. COI numbers/dates of birth and other non-named data will show up in the charts but Kennel names will be protected through blurring of offspring/sire/dam names.

A major research paper exploring the overview of what is found within these five years of the CKC Studbooks will be published once all of the research has been completed. Should additional Studbooks be required, the data from additional years will be added to show extended trends or possible drifts within a kennel/breeding group and/or various breeding practices that have the potential to impact the diversity of the entire Havanese Breed. Not only will this paper be published on buyhavanese.com, it will be sent to the CKC for their information. It is hoped that this research will open the conversation, at that level, for developing extended bylaws, like those in Holland, that will better protect not only the Havanese Breed, but all breeds.

The purpose of this research is threefold:

1. to share with Breeders what is happening in Canada within the breeding practices of the Havanese community there.

2. to share with puppy buyers why they must be Ethical Buyers by supporting kennels that neither overbreed their animals nor impact the diversity of the breed.

3. to protect the Havanese Breed for future generations to come.

In community with knowledgeable others, it is hoped that this research will fulfill these three purposes.

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