CKC Studbooks Chart 1 How Many Litters for a Dam is Too Many?

The following chart, with statistics taken from the Canadian Kennel Club Studbooks between 2011-2015, shows that 8 litters within 5 years were born to this dam from a Canadian Havanese Kennel:

2011-2015 CKC Studbook Statistics

1 - 2010

1 - 2011

2 – 2012

(Note a singleton litter born 2/24/2012)




This means that this dam was bred on almost every cycle over the five-year period under investigation.

It will be necessary to access the 2010 and 2016 Studbooks to get a more complete picture of these statistics. An updated chart will be posted when the 2016 CKC studbook is released.

International regulations:


The regulations in the Dutch Kennel Club can be found @

Houden van honden

Hier vind je alles over honden: o.a. verschillende hondenrassen, voeding, verzorging, actief met je hond, gezondheid en gedrag.

Regels Basisreglement Welzijn & Gezondheid / Basic well-being and health rules

Section 4 states the following: Een teef mag niet meer worden gedekt na de dag waarop haar vijfde nest is geboren.

A bitch is not allowed to be mated anymore after her fifth litter.

United Kingdom

The regulations in the Kennel club can be found @

In the UK/KC: 4 litters in a lifetime for a dam.

Canadian and American Regulations- CKC and AKC

Canadian Kennel Club - No policies in the policies and procedures bylaws for limiting numbers of litters in a lifetime for a dam:

American Kennel Club - No policies on limiting number of litters over a lifetime for a dam:

There are no regulations mandating number of litters in a lifetime for a dam in the CKC or the AKC.

The number of litters in a lifetime for a purebred dam is a basic well-being and health issue as noted in the Dutch rules.

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