Havanese #5 Most Popular Dog in Seattle 2016

Why am I not surprised by this result? The Havanese hit # 5 in the Most Popular Breeds in Canada in the CKC in 2016.

Canadian Kennel Club. Havanese Cracks Top 5 in Canadian Kennel Club’s Top 10 Most Popular Dogs.


British Columbia produced a little over 20% of the Havanese litters registered in the CKC in 2014 and again in 2015.

The top 4 Breeders in this Chart found themselves on the list for the Top CKC Havanese Producing Kennels in Canada 2011-2015 in the order noted above: #1, #3. #10 and #11. These kennels would all fall into the category of Commercial Kennels in most European countries.

The other 9 kennels (A-L) could be considered Hobby Breeders for the years where they produced less that 4 litters in Holland and 2 litters in the UK or Belgium.

It's just a hop across the border to Seattle, Washington from Victoria or Vancouver, British Columbia. By car (and ferry) it is a mere 108 miles/174 km from Victoria to Seattle and from Vancouver to Seattle, it is 140 miles/225 km (no ferry needed).

Nowhere else in the US is the Havanese that popular. I wonder how many of those AKC registered pups went south from one of these Canadian kennels to live. Can the AKC please post that number?

AKC. (Mar 21/2017). Labrador Retriever is #1 Once Again in Seattle.


Why am I worried? The Top Dogs in the CKC by litter and year are noted in the following link:

Kennel and Bench (Feb 2017). Dogs and litters Registrations. http://members.ckc.ca/en/portals/0/pdf/Membership/kennel%20and%20bench/2017/Feb2017-ENG.pdf

Please....click the link below to check the Health of the Top 10 Most Popular Dogs on that list:

Dogs With the Most Health Issues. Pet Breeds.


Currently the Havanese is a healthy little dog. However, when a Breed explodes in popularity, jumping to 5th in Canada (and 5th in Seattle) in just a short 20 years of being a registered Breed in the AKC and the CKC, it follows that the Breed has been commercialized at kennels who are taking advantage of the situation.... And when that happens, the potential for indiscriminate breeding increases tremendously, resulting in an increasing number of dogs with genetic diseases from recessive genes.

That is just genetics folks...and the AKC and CKC do NOT have a monitoring system like the Swedes do.

It is not in my nature to be pessimistic, but I have three very good reasons to be concerned. How about you?

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