How Old Should a Dog Be Before It Can Attain it's National Championship?

Did you know that in some European and other countries, a dog cannot attain it's Conformation Championship until it is 15 months to 2 years of age? In some of these countries this includes the dog having to complete several certificates and being shown under multiple judges before the dog can attain a National Kennel Champion.

This would eliminate dogs championing early in the CKC or AKC and then disappearing from the show ring. It may also increase registration at shows that are now decreasing in registrations if puppies had other hoops to jump through before they attained their Championship titles.

For example, MistyTrails Will'n2B Saranad'd, Sara, was a CKC Champion and the number 5 dog on Canuckdogs in Canada at 8 months of age.

She attained 6 points towards her Grand Champion before being diagnosed with Legge Calve Perthes at 9 months of age.

Here she is in her second to last show with her father.

Sara retired from the ring at 9 months of age but she stayed in the top 20 Havanese in Canada for almost the full 2016 year.

Does that make sense to you?

How many other puppies champion quickly in North America and then simply disappear from the circuit?

Following is a Havanese Gallery post of a European dog that sets the stage for this conversation:

Christa's Jumpy Clown Iceland - "Fox" Patella 0/0, Heart clear, Eyes clear July 2016

Fully certified with CAC, multiple BOB junior winner. Multiple BOB & BOS adult.

Great show dog, fantastic character.

The best temperament.

Excellent in all ways as a judge said.

Fantastic coat, strong bones, lovely head and almond eyes.

Great show results.

Waiting for him to turn 24 months for his championship.

Below are some of the regulations from other countries regarding a purebred attaining a Championship status including age and other requirements

The German Kennel Club:

Regulations for the award of the title: "German Champion (VDH)" – Dt. Ch. (VDH) (valid from 01.09.2004) – changes made following a decision by the board of management on 3. August 2004 and 18. February 2006 and 01. January.2015 Award of challenge certificates:

Only possible in the following classes: open, intermediate, champion and working – separate daccording to male and female dogs –minimum age 15 months – the award is at the discretion of the breedjudge. A reserve challenge certificate can be awarded to the second-best male dog/female dog in a class. The reserve challenge certificate can be changed into a full challenge certificate if the dog awarded the full challenge certificate already fulfilled the conditions for the title of "German Champion (VDH) on the day of the breed show. There is no right to legal claim to a challenge certificate respectively the award of a title.

Title: The title "German Champion (VDH)" is awarded to pure-breddogs, which have been nominated for five challenge certificates for the title of "German Champion (VDH)": at least three of these challenge certificates have to be achieved at International or National breed shows. Furthermore the five challenge certificates must have been awarded by at least three different breed judges. The challenge certificates of the VDH Bundessieger Dog Show and at the VDH Europasieger Dog Show and German Winner Show Leipzig count double. In addition reserve challenge certificates gained there will be rated as individual normal challenge certificates, even when these have not been changed into a normal challenge certificate – if the dog that awarded the normal challenge certificate already holds the title of "German Champion (VDH) on the day of the breed show. There has to be a minimum period of 12 months between the first and last challenge certificate. The title "German Champion (VDH)" can only be awarded to a dog on one occasion. The title "German Champion (VDH)" entitles the dog to start in the champions class at all breeds hows at home and abroad.…/…/ueber/en/english_dt_champion.pdf


The Norwegian Kennel Club

2. NORWEGIAN CHAMPION TITLES 2.1 NORWEGIAN SHOW CHAMPION (N UCH) Main requirements: a) The dog must achieve three certificates (CERT), from three different judges, and at least one certificate must be attained at a dog show arranged by Norwegian Kennel Club; NKK, or at a show where the breed club is given permission to award a certificate which is equal to a certificate won at a NKK show. At least one of the certificates must be won when the dog is 24 months or older. b) A dog that already has achieved a national champion title can become a Norwegian Show Champion when the dog achieves a certificate at an international dog show (or at a show where the breed club is given the opportunity to award certificates equal to a certificate won at a NKK show). This includes one certificate won in one of the Nordic countries, when the dog is 24 months or older, and has achieved (if necessary) the additional requirements for the breed.…/Regelverk…/Championatregler_ENG2016.pdf


The Irish Kennel Club

Irish Champion

For your dog to become an Irish Champion, it must have earned seven Green Stars from seven different judges in IKC Championship Shows, and one of these stars must have been awarded after the age of 15 months. Even if your dog already has seven Green Stars before the age of 15 months, it still has to win an additional star after this age in order to be an Irish Champion. Under the old points system, dogs having won 38 points must win one Green Star under the new system to be awarded the title of Champion. There are no additional points toward becoming an Irish Champion for Group Wins.


The Australian Kennel Club

How to Become a Champion?

The basic requirement is to win at least three certificates under three different judges. However, there are a couple of additional requirements: At least one of the certificates must have been won at one of the FCI international shows that the Norwegian Kennel Club holds (about 12 shows during the year throughout the country). This is because we have many small, local shows in Norway, and it is necessary to prove that a champion is able to win also when there is at least a minimum of competition present. The other requirement is that at least one of the certificates must be won after the dog is 2 years old. (posted on a Lowchen site)

What do you think? I wonder if these requirements wouldn't:

a.) keep dogs in the ring longer,

b.) give puppies more time to grow in maturity, and

c.) ensure that the Championship process is more meaningful for everyone.

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