Update on Puppy Ariel from the Therapy Dogs Program in Croatia Program

If you have been following buyhavanese Facebook, you know that puppy Ariel, one of the three puppies dedicated to the next generation of Therapy dogs for the Program in Croatia, has Radius Curvus Syndrome.

Radius Curvus Syndrome is described as follows:

"An angular limb deformity, also called premature closure of a growth plate, radius curvus or carpus valgus, is an abnormally shaped or crooked leg caused by stunted growth of one of the two long bones in a dog’s front leg. These bones are the radius and ulna. They connect the elbow joint to the wrist joint and need to grow at the same rate for a dog’s foreleg to develop normally.The most commonly reported treatment for an angular limb deformity, caused by premature closure of a distal ulnar growth plate or otherwise, is surgical correction."


Below is a photo of Ariel with his Daddy waiting to be checked by the surgeon following his surgery:

Prof Renata Fridrih wrote the following update on May 2/2017 about Ariel's condition:

"Professor Dražen Vnuk has operated on Ariel and is pleased with the results. Ariel must be kept in a controlled environment for a month. Soon begins hydrotherapy for Ariel."

On May 4/2017, Ariel's surgeon writes to clarify the contents and context of this post for the buyhavanese viewers:

Dear Ms. Barbara, I have read your report. Description of disease is OK (simple and logical).

Radius curvus syndrome is also an OK term, but not so often used. The primary problem was premature closure of distal ulnar growth plate. The consequence is curved radius and incongruent elbow. The name of performed procedure is proximal dynamic ulnar osteotomy.

The prognosis- full recovery is questionable (improvement is expected) - limb deformity should be resolved with early osteotomy in growing dog, but the problem of elbow incongruency is more complicated.

We expect the next x-ray in 2-3 weeks to observe changes. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me, Sincerely Yours, Drazen Vnuk

A big thank you from all of the buyhavanese family to Prof Dražen Vnuk, Ariel's surgeon, for looking after him so well.

As one of the next generation of Therapy Dogs for Croatia, it is so important for Ariel to be strong and healthy before he begins his training program.

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