Do you have a Havanese who is highly anxious and exhibits fear or aggression and/or separation anxie

Do you have a Havanese who is highly anxious and exhibits fear or aggression and/or separation anxiety? If you do, this post is for you.

MistyTrails Cayenne Pepper, Caiya, has been diagnosed with Canine Anxiety Disorder.

Caiya's pedigree has been included on the Affected Dogs page at:

Here is Caiya at the Canadian Nationals 2016 (on the left, sitting on my knee) in a Champion Dam and Progeny photo before she expressed Anxiety Disorder to an extreme degree. She was only 10 months old. (Please note that there were no other Dam and Get competitors in this class to compete with, so this photo is a win of one competitor.)

Caiya's pedigree is:

An article by buyhavanese describing Caiya's Anxiety Disorder, progression and timeline, is included on the Buyhavanese blog in Caiya's Story at:…/03/25/Caiyas-Story

Below is a link to an excellent article that explains the genetic predisposition towards canine anxiety or aggression in dogs. The following section from the article will help you understand your dog's genetic predisposition towards anxiety or aggression:

"The researchers found that known loci variants (IGF1 and HMGA2) for small body size are associated with separation anxiety, touch sensitivity, owner-directed aggression, and dog rivalry. The researchers also notice that two other loci (between GNAT3 and CD36 on chromosome 18, and near IGSF1 on the X chromosome) are associated with several traits, including touch sensitivity, nonsocial fear, and fear and aggression that are directed toward unfamiliar dogs and humans."…/dog-fear-and-aggressio…/81253083

Caiya is in special training to help her deal with her anxiety disorder.

If you have a dog with extreme anxiety disorder, please contact for assistance.

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