Researchgate Working Papers about the Havanese

Breeder and Researcher credits have been removed from these working papers on Researchgate to protect the individuals who assisted in this research. You know who you are. Thank you!

Working Paper 1

How Many Litters is Enough For One Dam

This first paper is designed to stimulate conversation that has the potential to effect new Canadian Kennel Club policy for the capping of the number of litters born in a lifetime for all purebred dams to 4.

As an extension, this paper also looks at the current policy of some European countries to restrict the upper breeding limit of a dam to 8 years of age.

There are two Appendices included in this paper that demonstrate the range of breeding restrictions in European Countries in the following areas:

1. Number of litters in a Lifetime for a dam 2. Restricted Breeding age of the dam…/317181929_How_Many_Litters_i…

Working Paper 2

What's In a Line?

This paper is designed to stimulate conversation about breeding practices that increase the risk of genetic defects in offspring. Good breeding principles proposed by experts in the field will be reviewed as well as International Policies, already in effect, designed to protect purebred offspring. These principles and policies offer a framework from which the Canadian Kennel Club could create new critical Breeding Restrictions, specifically:

1. Prohibit first degree inbreeding: father-daughter, mother-son and full sibling matings (1/2 brother-1/2 sister also preferred) 2. Restrict overuse of males: A male dog is allowed to sire a maximum of 5 litters a year. A litter is defined as one living puppy.

Also suggested

3. Keep the number of line breedings in a pedigree to 2 or less in the first 5 generations. 4. Ensure that there are no doubled up ancestral dogs on either side of a line breeding in a pedigree.

CKC Code of Professional Conduct Addendum

5. Breeders must disclose Carrier Dogs of a Genetic Disease in any public forum where they are advertising dogs at stud or as breeding bitches.…/317181745_What%27s_In_a_Line

Working Paper 3

Breeding Trends in the Havanese Studbooks 2011-2015

This paper looks first at the population explosion of the Havanese that has occurred in Canada and the choice of many Havanese Breeders to become Commercial rather than Hobby Breeders. This Commercialization also calls into question the Purpose of Breeding for these CKC Breeders.

Breeding Trends noted in the CKC Havanese Studbooks 2011-2015 that have the potential to mask data that could be of benefit in tracking health/breeding trends in the Breed are explored next.…/317181933_Breeding_Trends_in…

Working Paper 3 is currently the 'most read publication' on Researchgate from a staff member at the University of British Columbia in Dr. Spilchuk's Department.

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