Highest Producing Havanese Kennels in the Canadian Kennel Club from 2011-2016

2016 was a very BIG Production year for the Havanese in the Canadian Kennel Club in Canada. The Breed went to #5 on the most popular breed list in the CKC during 2016.

The following chart shows, by kennel, the top 20 producing registered CKC Havanese kennels and the number of litters bred by each between 2011-2016.

The numbers in this chart explain the rapid rise in population of the Havanese and the concurrent production by Commercial Canadian Havanese Kennels during those years.

What will be very interesting to discover, following the 2017 CKC Havanese National Specialty Show occurring this weekend in Saskatchewan, is whether sheer number of puppies produced have any impact on a kennel having a winning dog.

The purpose of Breeding should be to improve the Breed. I wonder how many puppies it takes one kennel to produce in order to have a single entered or winning dog at the National level.

This will be the topic of the next buyhavanese blog post after the names of the dogs and their breeders/kennels at the 2017 CKC National Havanese Specialty have been sent to buyhavanese.com from the show catalogue.

If you happen to be a Breeder at the 2017 CKC National Havanese Specialty this coming weekend in Saskatchewan, why not have a conversation about the commercialization of the Havanese that is occurring within the Breed with your Breeder colleagues.

Throw this question out there: "Is the purpose of breeding to improve the Breed or to pad a Breeder's wallet?"

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