What Dog Owners Should Consider When Selling a Home

Alleviating Stress For Your Dog During the Moving Process

Whether relocating down the street or to a new city, preparing to sell your home, while maintaining a sense of normalcy for your dog leaves much to be accomplished. However, with some very tried and true tips, you can get tasks done efficiently and make a smooth transition to your new home.

Plan Ahead

Though 4 weeks is the typical time it takes to sell a house, pet odors, dirt and smells can deter potential buyers. First impressions greatly impact the sellability of your home so it’s always important to consider how it will be presented.

Make sure that all dirt marks and stains are wiped away. Dog toys, leashes, and dishes should also be put away or back into their proper space. Some dogs can leave behind a layer of hair, which guests may be allergic to, so a thorough vacuum is necessary. If odors seem to linger even after a deep cleaning, hiring a professional can do the trick to quell any particularly difficult scents.

The yard is also the first thing buyers will see when they approach your home. Maintain a tidy, welcoming yard over one that is unkempt. Additionally, conduct a walkthrough of your yard and pick up poop and toys that clients could otherwise step on. If you notice any yellow stains or barren areas of grass, then a sod replacement will keep your yard looking full and healthy.

Contain Your Pet(s)

According to CEO of Pet Supplies Plus, you should keep your dog occupied with treats or interactive toys so that they aren’t bothering the real estate agent or clients during a showing. Though we may love our pets, not everyone holds the same sentiment about dogs, so respectfully keep your clients and your dogs at a safe distance.

Another option is to contain your pet within a crate, containing adequate water and toys. If you aren’t so sure how your pet will react to strangers coming in and out of the house, then talk to your veterinarian about potential options that will relieve stress for the both of you.

A trustworthy friend or family member may also chaperone your dog for a couple days so that you can safely have a showing without any mishaps or loud barking. Most importantly, consider the feelings of your pet because they too have emotions and leaving them for an extended period of time can induce even more stress. Make an itinerary of familiar meals, playtimes, and toys that will help ease their mind. Then, once the showing is over, move your dog and his or her belongings back to the original spot in your home to prevent confusion.

Your Pet Can Sell Your Home

Your pet may actually prove to be a wonderful asset to selling your home. Many people adore a pet in listing photos. In fact, this trend has become so popular that sites such as The Pet Realty Network devotes its time to selling pet-friendly homes to pet lovers around the country.

Pet ownership is at an all-time high. A number of pet lovers will take notice of dog-friendly items staged within your home, which will increase your chances of selling.

Many people consider their dogs as family, so don’t be shy about letting potential owners know that your home is welcoming and safe for their pets. Showcase an eye-catching leash in the entryway, a beautiful cookie jar on your kitchen countertop or even a cozy dog bed in the bedroom that will surely garner your home welcomed attention. You may even go as far as acquiring a fresh coat of paint for the dog house in your backyard.

Selling a home is no easy task, especially with a dog. However, time and effort will lead you to that big sale and a less bumpy moving experience with these savvy tips.

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Cindy Aldridge is a freelance writer who started OurDogFriends.org as a fun side project through which to share her thoughts and insights on being a responsible dog owner.

"I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona but I travel a lot with my dog, and through experience, I've learned a great deal about the ins and outs of moving and house hunting with my dog in mind. Moving with a dog isn't easy and can be quite stressful for you and your dog, and that's why I wanted to share this knowledge with fellow dog owners out there."

Cindy wrote this article specifically for buyhavanese.com We thank her for her generosity in sharing her knowledge with our readers. You can google Cindy Aldridge @ OurDogFriends.org to read other article by her.

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