A New Havanese Breeder’s Story

Four weeks ago, four puppies came into this world...

But one died...the smallest one left us. The other three are healthy but I am so sad because of the baby.

We named him Murphy after Murphy's Law. I'm sending pictures of lovely Murphy. Please use the photographs to show the struggle and forgiveness between Murphy and his Mom. His mother and I tried so hard to save him, but he just slipped away across the rainbow bridge. Can you please share Murphy’s Story with your readers?

It was hard to decide what the humane thing to do with a sick puppy was. Did I separate Murphy from the litter or try, with his Mom, to comfort him and provide for a dignified departure for this small puppy? You can see in the photos the decision I made. I left him with his Mother and I stayed with them, keeping him hydrated, until he crossed the rainbow bridge.

When he passed, I wrapped Murphy in a towel, placed him in a box and took him and his Mom out into the yard to find a good place for him to rest. I dug a hole and I let his Mom nose him to say goodbye before I put the lid on the box and buried him. We said goodbye to Murphy together - his Mom and I.

I have had no previous experience with the death of a puppy from a litter. I hope what I did was the right thing to do. Today Murphy’s Mom is looking for him. Does my puppy’s Mom mourn or not? I do not know for sure, but I believe that she does…

In the literature, it is written that the mother of a litter of puppies makes the decision to select and dismiss the sick or weak puppy. Murphy’s mother did not do this. She came looking for help. She is a wonderful mother. Before Murphy was born I asked her how many puppies she was going to have and she sang ‘four’ by barking four times. I then asked her how many of her puppies would be healthy and she sang ... three.

Laughing through our tears, my husband and I recalled that moment after Murphy died… we realized that his mother knew and she was right. I now believe she was preparing, even then, to say goodbye to Murphy. You don’t have to believe me…but I know.

Being a new Breeder is hard. I now know that I may be faced with this experience again and it has affected me deeply. I cried for Murphy. I will cry for every puppy I lose.

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