Part 2: A New Havanese Breeder's Story

It has been almost two weeks since we lost Murphy. His Mom is still a mournful Mom. She is quieter than she was before he died. When I let her lie by herself with a toy in her crib, she lies very quietly and just looks at me. I think she is still, in her mind and heart, thinking about four puppies. Murphy is still with her.

This experience has been such a hard thing for me as a new Breeder. In the days right after Murphy left us, when I lay in bed at night, my mind kept reliving the experience over and over. Some nights it felt like Murphy was talking to me, telling me a secret.

I named Murphy’s three siblings Toto, Kanga and Bobby. The little trio are progressing so nicely. Every puppy has gained between 20 to 30 grams per day. They are very healthy. I spoke to my husband and I told him that I thought Murphy’s three siblings were meant for something special. He listened to me and he understood that whatever it was that I wanted to do, I must do.

In the end, I decided that I would not sell Murphy’s siblings. There were special children who needed them, children who may not be able to afford to buy a lovely Havanese puppy. I decided that Toto, Kanga and Bobby would be donated to three children whose parents supported that idea.

I put the idea out there and there has been big interest in the three puppies over the past week. In fact, Toto has already found a home. The boy and his mother have fallen in love with Toto and I could not refuse the Mother's request for this puppy for her son.

The homes for the other two puppies, Kanga and Bobby, have not yet been decided. There are many families and children who want Kanga and Bobby so it is hard to decide.

We have time to find the right home for each puppy. They will be 6 weeks old this week and they will not leave until they are 12 weeks old. We are taking our time making the right decision for each puppy because there is such a great need. Even if we had 15 puppies to give away, they would all have that many children as candidates to take them home.

This is the right decision for Murphy’s siblings. I feel good about it. I keep telling Murphy’s Mom that all four of her puppies will be special angels soon. I am hopeful that one day she will understand and then she will be able to move on…and so will I.

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