Havanese Puppy Buyers Doing It Right!

Buyhavanese has been fortunate enough to hear about many Havanese puppy buyer's positive and successful experiences! Following are three stories that share the care each Puppy Buyer took to find the right Breeder.

Story 1

The first story involves an American Puppy Buyer. Her first dog died from a genetic disease so she had already undergone the emotion of losing a beloved fur friend. As a result, she wanted to make sure that the Breeder she chose next would not only be one who did health testing, but also understood about the importance of genetic testing.

As the Havanese was her preferred choice for this new puppy, she decided that this Breeder would also have to be a member of Havanese Genetics, an organization the owner had also joined to learn more about how Breeders were using science to match dams to sires to improve the diversity of the Havanese Breed.

The Puppy Buyer contacted buyhavanese who is also a member of this group and asked a million and one questions, many of which were far over my head. She slowly began to approach Breeders who belonged to the Havanese Genetics family and one by one eliminated them for various reasons. In the end, she decided upon a European Breeder who was extremely knowledgeable and was also trusted by all of the other Breeders in that Group. The Puppy Buyer asked Buyhavanese to make the introductions to the Breeder... and the questions continued with much more scientific responses. The Puppy Buyer drove the Breeder a bit crazy asking her many, many, many questions but the Breeder remained patient...and the Puppy Buyer continued to learn.

The interesting thing about this Breeder was that the Puppy Buyer had to convince her that she was the right person for one of the few select puppies this Breeder would have. In Europe, it is not unusual for a Breeder to have only one or two litters a year. These Breeders, who are called Hobby Breeders, are held in high esteem there. As a result, because puppies are few and far between in Kennels of Excellence, there are far more people on the wait list than a Breeder can accommodate. Further, the country where this Breeder was located was known for the extremely tight Breeding Policies that monitored the ethics and integrity of the Breeders carefully, ensuring a healthy environment for breeding animals and their offspring.

This Puppy Buyer had to work very hard to convince the Breeder that she should be able to buy one of her select puppies, in particular because the Breeder would have less control when one of her pups lived far away and outside of her country. The Puppy Buyer had to provide a written response to many questions including, but not limited to, plans for the puppy in the event that something happened to the Owner. These plans would become legally binding so that the Breeder could be assured that her puppy would be cared for, uninterrupted, throughout his life.

In the end, after months and months of research, questioning and negotiating with the Breeder, the Puppy Buyer's determination and exceptionally high standards got her the puppy she wanted, from the exact Breeder she wanted, in the exact Country she wanted. She and her partner flew to Europe close to the time when they could take possession of their puppy and were able to combine a wonderful holiday bonding with their new puppy and developing a friendship with the Breeder!

Story 2

The second story is about a Canadian Puppy Buyer who was fortunate enough to 'happen' upon an outstanding Canadian Breeder who was both an Executive Member of the National Havanese Club of Canada, and who had, perhaps, only 1 or 2 litter of puppies per year.

She made the decision to add a puppy to their busy life and had done her homework. The Havanese was the right breed for them.

She discussed this with her husband who agreed.

"About 8 years ago my daughter started asking for a dog. We had never owned a dog before and were a bit hesitant to do so. A few months went by and she was still asking for a dog. I started researching online the type of dog we wanted and didn't want. Non shedding, hypoallergenic etc., etc., and the Havanese breed showed up. We had never heard of this breed before and quite liked what it had to offer. It seemed to suit exactly what we were looking for."

Life is sometimes filled with coincidences and happy serendipity. Shortly after they made their decision, the husband happened to drive past a home close to theirs where there was a sign in the front yard...

"My husband came home from work one night and said "Hey, a lady down the street has those dogs. She has a big sign at the end of her driveway. The sign said, "...... home of the .... Havanese". I phoned the Breeder, and she said that she was actually expecting 2 litters in a couple weeks....it was working out perfectly, it was just meant to be!"

This Puppy Buyer proceeded to convince the Breeder that she should be the lucky recipient of one of those rare puppies... and a beautiful friendship began.

"I filled out an application for the Breeder to go through and we passed! The Breeder showed us the parents of the expected puppies and brought me through her house to show me where they lived. Our pup was born July 2009."

A good Breeder will help the Puppy Buyer choose the right puppy, not just from looks but also by temperament. This type of Breeder will recommend the right puppy to a Puppy Buyer for the good of the family and of the puppy... and this Breeder did exactly that.

"At first I was looking for a female, but the Breeder said the males were more affectionate, so we decided to go with male. After the puppies were a few weeks old, my husband saw a picture of them and let us know his favourite one. I mentioned it to the Breeder, and she said he was available for a pet home, so that's the one we chose."

The puppy became an integral part of this family's life...and so did the Breeder. The Puppy Buyer said that this Breeder showed her how to bath the puppy, clip the nails, groom her and a million other things that saved them a lot of money. This Breeder also helped her when her family later purchased another dog who ended up expressing a severe genetic disease from a different Breeder.

This Puppy Buyer is thankful that her husband 'happened' upon the exact right Breeder for them, a Breeder who is now part of her extended family.

Story 3

The third story is about a new Canadian Breeder living abroad who was hoping to buy a Havanese boy and a girl from two different kennels. The pedigrees of these two animals would have to complement each other because she planned to use the boy and girl to seed her own fledgling kennel and focus in raising puppies that would become Therapy Dogs. She also needed full title on both dogs to be able to do this.

There were many ups and downs in her search and a lot of money was spent, sometimes without a positive result. One puppy was bought that needed to be returned, and the Puppy Buyer cried all the way back to the Breeder's kennel. Another had to be cancelled and the transportation costs were lost. When the Puppy Buyer discovered that both of these puppies came from lines where there were known genetic diseases, she just could not take that chance to keep them in her fledgling breeding program.

In the end, she was successful...with the help of two very special Breeders. An American Breeder Mentor introduced her to a select European kennel and helped her negotiate the purchase of her little girl.

A European Breeder introduced her to a very select kennel that had only one litter of puppies a year. The pedigrees of these puppies were registered in a different country from the new Puppy Buyer so the Breeder of her boy helped the Puppy Buyer transfer registration to the country of her choice.

This Puppy Buyer relied upon the help and the integrity of two experienced Breeders to be successful. Both were well versed in Health and Genetic Testing. They each, in their own way, walked her through vetting the pedigrees of prospective puppies so that her new potential breeding pair would be healthy (health testing is still to come but she is hopeful) and produce healthy puppies. Her breeding pair would also, potentially, enhance the diversity of the Havanese Breed.

What is amazing about this story is that this Puppy Buyer was not buying from the kennels of her Mentors!!! These Breeders just wanted a new Breeder to enter the profession with the best tools and pair of breeding dogs that she could possibly acquire.

This Puppy Buyer wrote the following to share:

"I HONESTLY spent 4-6 hours a day for 9 months doing research trying

to find healthy Havanese pedigrees and breeders that were ethical and spent quality time and energy raising the pups in a loving atmosphere, a breeder without a ton of dogs that would unlikely be getting proper attention.

Also my financial loss to search out good puppies was 1400$, and I am not in a high income bracket at all! I had to let go of the worry and burden of financial loss in a search for hopefully healthy dogs!

In the end, these two puppies may not even be THE breeding pair, even if they both pass their health tests. I'll have to ask both of the Breeders and one of my Mentors to help me make that decision. I would like a good pairing and it is possible they are not meant for each other...we will see!

I think they would compliment each other nicely but if I breed my girl to an outside male and keep a pup, it might be safer then to bred her to my boy and keep a pup because then I would not have the worry of him accidentally breeding his own daughter in the future... which of course I would do everything I could to prevent!"


Yes, folks! There are Breeders like this out there!!! You just have to be very patient, ask a lot of questions and search them out!

Puppy Buyer 3 leaves us with the following to think about:

"Finding a puppy is not just a weekend event, it takes research and planning and yes, lol, your husband or significant other may think you are going way over board or losing your mind with the amount of countless hours you put in but when you go to the park with your gorgeous Havanese, your can be proud. And when you see on many sites dogs that the owners say are Havanese but one of these dogs is 18 pounds and another has visibly bowed and crooked legs, or a third has a tight curly coat or barely any coat at all, and yet with another, the owner mentions the dog's health and/or anxiety issues right away, you realize the research you put in was well worth it!"

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