What Depicts a "Good Breeder"?

It is not the number of litters that they produce. It is not that they have a fancy web page. It is not because they make a huge show of themselves at dog shows. It is not because they "Talk the Talk"

What makes a "Good Breeder", is the desire to preserve and improve the breed. It is being honest and trustworthy, not just saying you are. It is taking responsibility for every single puppy that you produce, not just for two or three months, but for the entire life of those puppies. It is about caring for those puppies that are successful, but also for those that aren't. It is about accepting when a puppy develops a congenital or hereditary disorder, that they are responsible and doing everything in their power to support the puppy and the owner. It is about accepting that your favourite stud dog/ brood bitch, who may have tested clear, is in fact a carrier of said disorder and ensuring that you never breed them to the same partners again, or those that are closely related, or those who are known carriers. Being a "Good Breeder" means that you accept responsibility, it does not mean that you "Blame" and "Threaten".

Anybody can claim to be an "Open Book", but then refuse to answer those tough questions. A "Good Breeder" will answer those tough questions, not just the easy ones. A "Good Breeder" will admit when they have produced puppies who have expressed congenital/hereditary disorders and they will explain how they are ensuring that the same problem will not happen again. A "Good Breeder" does not sweep problems under the rug, a "Good Breeder" will not tell you that all of the problems have been caused by the owners and the environment that they have been raised in.

A "Good Breeder" can be hard to find, but there are many, quietly going about their business, ensuring their puppies are healthy and well cared for and supported. When you find these people you will have a special new family. Buyhavanese can help you find that special person, by giving you the tools that you will need to find your special puppy. Don't get blinded by all the hype of a high producing kennel, who cannot possibly support all of the puppies they produce. Those that shout the loudest are not always the ones who have the most knowledge.

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