A Red Flag - Breeders Who Bad-Mouth Other Breeders

Photo of Diego belonging to K. Leigh

There are so many things to think about when choosing the right Breeder of your new puppy. Here are just a few:

1. Are there genetic diseases in any of the ancestral dogs in the pedigree of the litter you are looking at.

2. How many Breeding Dogs does the Breeder own or co-own?

3. How many litters does the Breeder register each year from either the ownered or co-owned dogs? .

4. Where are the Breeding Dogs kept? May I meet the Dam and the Sire?

5. Are both parents health tested? What tests? Specialist Tests?

6. What guarantee does the Breeder give in the event that your puppy expresses a genetic disease?

7. Can you provide me with references from a Breeder in the Executive of the National Havanese Club from your country?

Below is a link to the Buyhavanese Puppy Questionnaire for potential Puppy Buyers to use with Breeders they are interviewing. Feel free to use this document whichever way best suits your needs :


Photo of Jasper belonging to Leigh

Aside from the Puppy Questionnaire bullets, there are two other issues you should consider when buying a puppy.

Photo of Brandy Belonging to Nadine

1. Is the Breeder honest in what he or she shares on the internet? With other Breeders? With puppy parents?

You can find this out by talking to other Breeders at a dog show. How do they respond to the Breeder you are considering? Have they endorsed that Breeder on their website? Do they refuse to discuss that Breeder or will they openly endorse the person as reliable? What does the ground rumble tell you?

Don't just rely upon puppy parents the Breeder sends you to...there may be other puppy parents out there with stories to tell you that you will never learn about and you would not be happy to hear!

Photo of Cooper belonging to Kim

2. Does the Breeder bad-mouth other breeders?

Do you want to be involved with a Breeder who slanders or bad-mouths other Breeders? Kennels? Dogs?

Remember that if a Breeder bad-mouths his or her colleagues, if you fall out with your Breeder, you can be sure that YOU will also be bad-mouthed!

Photo of Rebbel belonging to Ina

Choosing a Breeder is not an over-night venture. A puppy is a lifetime commitment. Take your time. Do your research.

Photo of Teisha belonging to Rachel

Kim suggests that you listen to your Spider Senses in the following article!


"Spider senses are just as important as Research in Finding an Ethical Breeder!"

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