Croatian Havanese Therapy Dogs from the Schoolroom to the Firehall

May 5/2018

Dear Barbara,

In the Schools

Yesterday, Evie, Heidi and Sevi were in classes with disadvantaged students and today Sevi was in a kindergarten and enjoyed listening to the piano.

Later today, the dogs will participate in a study of logopedics with afflicted children. This is a study into the treatment of speech defects.

In the Firehall

On St. Florian's Day, the patron Saint of Firefighters, we had a meeting with the Ivo Žinić - the Prefect of Sisak Moslavina County.

The meeting took place in the county of Sisak Moslavina County. We were able to greet firefighters and were also able to see Ben, our Havanese Therapy Dog, who was specially trained to work with the firefighters.

Robert Hospođuk, a professional firefighter who is Ben's guide, was also there.

Also, of course, our Evie, was there. She is our trained dog who is always on the ground in new situations!

There was great companionship at the meeting. I hope the cooperation will be entirely successful.

There were several representatives and public firefighters in Kutina including JVP Kutina Commander Marijo Paluh, and Robert Hospođuk, a firefighter.

We have a lot of other plans as well!

For starters, our Havanese Therapy Dogs will be involved in training at the Bolha Academy for Module 1-3 in June, 2018. In Autumn, we will continue with Modules 4 and 5 modules.

Big hugs from Leo

And all the Best


Prof Renata Fridrih

Director Havanese Therapy Dogs Program

DND SISAK, Croatia

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