Canine Cleanliness: Keeping a House Tidy When You Have a Dog

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If you’re a dog owner trying to keep a house clean, you’re not just up against furry mess makers. You’ve got a four-legged challenge to overcome as well. Dogs, even short-haired breeds, are prolific havoc-wreakers with a penchant for finding creative ways to leave behind a debris trail and get into things they aren’t supposed to.

For someone who takes pride in maintaining a clean, orderly, pleasant-smelling home, dogs can be a real nightmare. Keeping your house looking gorgeous takes regular upkeep, attention to detail and a willingness to clean as you go. Check out these tips if your hairy friend is making it hard to keep up with the mess indoors.

High-tech vacuum

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when you have a dog, it’s the constant need for vacuuming. Dog hair can accumulate everywhere and in mass amounts, and pooches drag in lawn debris like leaves, sticks and dirt and it can happen very quickly, particularly late in the year. An automatic, or “robot,” vacuum cleaner frees you up to concentrate on other parts of the house, keeping floor space clean when you’re not at home. Some appliances can be programmed to vacuum on a specific schedule. It’s a worthwhile investment for a homeowner on a busy schedule who has other cleaning issues that demands attention.

Brush and roll regularly

One very good way to stay ahead of the hair onslaught is to brush your pet on a regular basis and invest in several lint brushes to keep dog hair off the furniture in each room. Brushing your dog thoroughly will help keep all that loose undergrowth from finding its way onto carpet and couch and keep dander, mites and allergens under control. A lint roller is like a miniature vacuum cleaner that gets hair off your lamp shades, throw pillows, clothing and furniture. They’re handy and convenient tools to have in your cleaning arsenal.

Stain remover

Let’s face it - there’s no way to keep your home stain free if you have a dog (or dogs). At some point, a dog will have a loose bowel or bladder (or vomit) episode and leave behind a very unwelcome deposit on the carpet. That makes stain removers as indispensable to your cleaning efforts as a quality vacuum cleaner. Commercial enzymatic cleaners work quite well as long as you clean the mess while still wet. It’s probably not high on your list after a busy day at work, but delaying allows a stain to set in and leave a permanent mark.

If you’re trying to go eco-friendly, consider using baking soda and warm water to clean up those messes, and a vinegar-and-water solution to eliminate pet odors. It may be necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service if dog or cat urine has settled into the carpet.

Dog-cleaning stations

Every time you open the door and let Fido back in from a quick romp in the backyard you welcome in all kinds of loose objects that dirty-up your lovely home. Consider setting up a well-stocked cleaning station at your front and back door, including sturdy rubber or plastic mats, rags, cleaning spray, a hair brush and lint roller. It makes sense to attack the problem at the source before it spreads dirt and miscellaneous yard waste throughout your home.

Go heavy duty

It may not always be practical, or possible, to replace or reupholster furniture to accommodate a pet, but doing so will make it more durable and capable of standing up to wear and tear. Leather couches and those covered with synthetic material stand a better chance of holding up than Haitian cotton.

Keeping your home looking and smelling clean depends on regular, consistent effort. It also requires the right tools to do the job, so make sure you have a durable, high-suction vacuum and plenty of cleaning fluids, brushes, lint rollers and other handy assets ready to go.


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