Mistytrails Will’n2B Saranad’d, Sara, is the face of and the Buyhavanese Facebook page. Her pedigree is:

Sara was diagnosed at 1 year of age with Legg Calve Perthes Disease. She had an FHO (Femoral Hip Operation) at that time. Sara is included in the Orthopaedic Foundation of Animals in the open database at:

Two 1/2 siblings of Sara's, same sire, different dams, were also both diagnosed with Legg Calve Perthes Disease within a month of Sara's diagnosis. It is apparent that this disease runs within the pedigree of her sire, Mistytrails Reddi ‘n Will’n:

They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. However, Sara has now been diagnosed with a form of Sebaceous Adenitis. Her biopsy with microscopic description has been sent to OFA for inclusion in the open Havanese Sebaceous Adenitis Database.

Sara is related to Mistytrails Arizona Bella (Alice) through her grandsire, (also Alice’s sire), Keep Your Smile Blue Tempation, Elvis:

Alice has been definitively diagnosed with Sebaceous Adenitis through skin punch

Following is the link to Alice’s Story told by her family:

Sara, MistyTrails Will’n2B Saranad’d, goes in for an operation to remove the massive fast growing hamatoma on her chest on December 10, 2020. She is five years old, far too young to have inherited two terrible genetic diseases.

Please, if you are thinking about buying a Havanese puppy, do your research! Make sure you know if the breeder you are looking at has produced offspring with genetic diseases...not just one puppy ...but many, many puppies with a wide range of genetic diseases!

There are good breeders out there. Take your time and find a breeder who is honest with you and who takes responsibility for every puppy produced in his or her kennel. You, your family and your new puppy's quality of life depends upon the choices that you make when deciding which breeder to buy from.

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