The Story Behind Wilson Havanese

by Wilson and his Mom

Edited and Formatted for 

by Dr. Barbara Spilchuk



Wilson’s Story…Told by Wilson


My name is Wilson. I am a dog. I am among the thousand of faceless dogs rescued every year. Thankfully, my face and story is now not lost in the shuffle of other dog faces.


My Mom, who loves me, has made certain people know about me. People far away have laughed, loved, and helped me. I have been woven into their hearts. The road which led me to this very spot was a bumpy one, however.

In the beginning, I was not loved. I was a possession. Sure, I was adorable. I was supposed to be a stud dog. Everyone said I would surely make beautiful puppies. As soon as my testicles dropped, I would become a Daddy Dog.


Then, my earthquakes started…just a few minor seizures but it was enough to scare my Owners so I was sold…then I was Resold…and then I was sold again. By this time, I was 4 months old. No-one wanted me. My previous owners said that I was bad. Really, I was just scared. People yelled at me. I would run and hide. I was untrained.


Finally some good luck!!! The Dog Biscuit Maker in the Sky sent my Mom to meet me. To my surprise, she purchased me…cheap!  At that moment, Mom had no idea how trying I was going to be. Underneath my white puffiness was a land shark…one with earthquakes hiding way down deep.


On the first day, I didn’t try to bite but in the 2nd day, I showed her my armory. She was not impressed.  I heard Mom say many times, "What have I gotten myself into. I can’t do this!”

I thought I would be sold again so I remained nasty in my behavior. It’s hard to explain. I knew deep down that she loved me and I had never felt that before but I just didn't know how to accept it.


I remember the first time I slept in a bed. Mom lay there stroking my hair speaking ever so softly. She told me I was a good dog. Then she told me something that every dog longs to hear: "Don't worry. You are safe. You are home. I love you." It was at that moment that I felt like I belonged somewhere in the world. I let out a heavy sigh of contentment and life became full of wonder…

First there was Doggie School…I was not a fan! Mom started taking me everywhere. I was making human and dog friends. Don't get me wrong, I still got into trouble. I chewed things. And I stole things, but in spite of those things, I came to believe in love.


My Mom started a Facebook page called The Life and Times of Wilson Havanese. It was all about me and all the things that I did – good and bad! All of a sudden, people started to know all about me. My Mom said that she wanted people to know about me in case she couldn't care for me at any time in the future. You see, my Mom has MS. At times, she can barely move but she always takes care of me. I am her number 1 son.


My earth quakes started really bad several weeks ago. I was in and out of the Vet daily, as he tried to find a medication that would help me. I think those visits must have been very expensive because Mom worried a lot….not just about me… but also about how she was going to pay the bills that had mounted quickly to over $3000.00.  


Mom talked to the lady and she told Mom to start a fund to help with my bills. People were kind. Mom had 3 months to pay off those bills.  People were so generous; they wanted to help! Mom was so thankful!


Then Mom and I received a message from some lady who said: "You are pathetic asking people to send money for a dog you cannot afford. It would be in Wilson’s best interest if he had a more financially stable home. Consider yourself un-everything!”





Sigh. I knew that there were people in this world like that. After all, I was sold 4 times before I was 4 months of age…but Mom didn’t know. It shattered her. I told her to be a big and brave girl and I licked her and cuddled her and I hoped that horrible message would just disappear. But when people are mean, their words last a very long time. Good thing Mom didn’t decide to pee on my bed or bite me like I did to her when I was hurt from people words!  Mom is a big girl. She knows that you have to make Lemonade out of Lemons.


Mom also got a job at a local eatery to help pay the bills. It was not a great job and her Boss was not very nice to her but she said to me, “William, you gotta do what you gotta do!” Shortly after getting that job, Mom was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and she started chemo the following Tuesday. Now we are walking together down this rocky road, holding paws….

Wilson’s Story…Told by his Mom


I knew that Will had experienced a couple of seizures prior to me taking him home but I really didn't think it was anything to worry about. The previous Owners assured me that everything would be fine. This was just a ‘phase’ Will was going through. I was soon to find out that it was not a ‘phase’; this was going to be the biggest worry yet.


Will's clusters hit him like a full force tornado several weeks ago. I stood by him helplessly waiting for them to end. His little 9-pound body would lay there trembling. Veterinarian visits became a part of our outings as his seizures became more frequent. Soon Will was clustering almost daily. Our vet suggested that the most humane thing for me to do was to euthanized my cherished dog. The medication wasn't working. After each clustering, Will would lie there,  worn out, and it showed on his face. I was heartbroken. How do I give permission to end this crazy dog's life? How do I walk away from this dog who means so much to me.


I made calls regarding Will being euthanized. One office told me "drop him off. You can't stay with him." That comment stopped me in my tracks. How could I do that to him? I had visions of his separation anxiety worrying him. I had visions of him dying in a stark cold room with no one to comfort him as he took his last breath. I had visions of his final thought being. “Mom, why aren't you here holding me? You know if you rub the top of my head, it relaxes me. Mom, hold me, I'm scared.” I knew that I owed him so much more than final moments like that. I had to keep trying to save him.


I made the decision that I was not ready to give up yet. I took Will for another consult with a new Veterinarian, and this Vet gave Will an MRI and did some further testing., it was determined that if it was at all possible, I would help him. There were no guarantees and I was prepared to let him go rather than continue to have him suffer, but I had to try this one more thing. Other people before me had given up on him way too soon and way too quickly. The Vet bills mounted.






With the new medication, Will’s clusters began to subside almost immediately,. His seizures were calmer in nature. And soon they became not an everyday occurrence. I was relieved.


After each seizure, the clean-up process occurred. Then, the soothing process. I lay with Will stroking his head the way he liked it. I offered gentle words of reassurance. I wanted him to know that I would always be there for him.


I started The Life and Times of Wilson Havanese so that people everywhere would fall in love with my dog. My own health is very precarious so I needed to make sure that if ever my own medical situations prevented me from taking care of him, I would be able to find Wilson a great home. I don't plan on that happening any time soon but it's always good to have a contingency plan.

Will Offers His Last Words


I was once a castaway just like the volleyball in the Movie “Castaway”. That's why my name is Wilson.




Mom changed all of that! It’s an amazing feeling to be so wanted. My toy bin overflows. I am never hungry. I have a soft place to sleep… Hands that would never strike me… A heart that will forever hold me

I still am scared of a lot of things. When it's windy, I feel better in my thunder shirt. I pee if anyone raises their voice. I used to run away from my Mom. Now I run to her. I know what behavior is acceptable. Mom tells me every day that I am doing a good job at being happy.


People are cheered by my antics. That idea makes me happy. Who would have ever have thought that a dog no one wanted could bring smiles to other people. Through my Mom's stylus, I am the voice of Wilson Havanese…a Rescued Dog.







Will’s Mom Offers Her Last Words


There were times when I became discouraged. I felt like giving up. After all, I am human. Somewhere deep within myself, however, I found the resolve to continue. I dug my heels in and continued on.


I didn’t want to be just another disappointment to my friend. He deserved back what he was so freely giving to me....loyalty.


Dogs are loyal to us no matter our circumstances. Unfortunately, people are not. Wilson knew that from first-hand experience as a castaway. I never want him to feel unloved and unwanted again.

Wilson has found it in his heart to love and trust not only me, but other humans as well. The lessons that I learn from Will, I learn every day. I am thankful for this crazy dog and I'm happy to share him with our friends on the Life and Times of Wilson Havanese.




























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