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Havanese have a long list of beneficial attributes. They are revered as a non-shedding, hypoallergenic, non-aggressive, sturdy and friendly breed. However, their value is not only in these assets or in their adventurous spirit, compact size, trainability, willingness to please or their humorous antics. Although these are all fantastic qualities which make the breed very desirable, these sttibutes are trivial compared to the Havanese’s most valuable quality and SUPER power! 


The true magical super power of a Havanese is their ability to be a 24hr a day therapy companion and healer. Havanese are hypersensitive; they intuitively have great awareness and are “tuned in” to the emotional needs of their humans. If their person is hurt, sick, or experiencing any spectrum of intense feelings such as anxiety, stress, grief or depression. Havanese want to nurture, mend and offer relief from pain. 


Havanese have the amazing gift of looking lovingly into a human’s eyes and reaching deep into that person’s soul, while offering a most empathetic look of compassion and understanding. They bring comfort to the mind and body that is indescribable, yet very easily felt. Havanese also bring calmness and a sense of grounding, through the textual stimulation that occurs when you are petting or cuddling their silky, soft, luxurious fur. 


Havanese (raised with focus and intention) are ideal therapy dogs, as they love to cuddle, entertain, comfort, please, and stay physically close to their loved ones! Their happy, patient, sweet nature and ability to provide companionship and healing from deep traumas and wounds through their unconditional tenderness is phenomenal. Some mental health issues, or conditions of the human heart/soul, cannot and (possibly) should not be resolved with pharmaceutical medications or conventional therapy. Havanese offer alternative, wholistic, drug free, and continual 24hr therapy. Since the mind and body are interconnected, the positive impact of a well-trained Havanese on the human’s mental state, as noted  in the research, also contributes to physical health benefits, such as lowering high blood pressure and heart rate! 


Havanese have an apparently supernatural way of healing the suffering of humans, big and small! Their love and affection towards children make them the ideal children’s therapy companion. Havanese can offer loyalty and deep friendship to a child who is challenged with Autism, Tourette’s, Down’s Syndrome, or any other condition that might negatively impact the child’s ability to make friends or interact with other children. Havanese are also ideal for a child with physical challenges who is limited to a bed, wheel chair, or living with serious health issues. A Havanese  that has had a healthy and therapeutically positive temperament as the focus during good breeding and raising, has the potential and capability of being the best and most effective medicine or therapy available to people of all ages. 


These little heart and soul healers are my HEROS and heart HEALERS!  Attached are photos of my daughter, who helps me raise our therapy potential Havanese pups and attends to the much appreciated therapy work we do with our amazing dogs. She has lived through a lot of trauma herself for a young child; she has PTSD from surviving a landslide that killed our neighbours and took away our farm/home. Two years later, her father was separated from us due to immigration issues. Eventually, after three years of being apart, we moved to a new country, to be with her father, leaving behind all her close friends and family. My daughter has endured the stress of moving more times than the years she has lived as a result of our family loosing everything in the landslide. She was also at the delivery of one of my two babies that passed away. So to say the least, she needs and deserves a therapy dog. We have always believed in making our traumas into strengths. So she is the perfect little person to nurture, guide and teach the therapy potential pups we raise to adore, trust and be able to connect deeply with families/children that have therapy needs, ourpups may be matched with. My daughter is living proof of the wonderful connection and therapy abilities that Havanese can have on children. 


I thank my daughter every day for the amazing energy, attention, love and intention she puts into raising this extremely precious breed with me! We are so lucky to have such precious, healing treasures in our lives! 

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